Paris micro-apartment stacks kitchen, bed, bath in 129 sq ft



When architect Julie Nabucet was asked to fit the rooms of a full-sized apartment in a 129-square-foot (12 m2) flat in the center of Paris (Montorgueil quarter), she stacked functions: she elevated the kitchen and rolled a bed-slash-sofa underneath (pulled out halfway, it's a couch; pulled out fully, it's a bed). To separate the cooking area from the sleeping/living room she used plywood boxes stacked as a wall. The boxes facing the kitchen are used as cabinets; those facing the bedroom are used as bookshelves.

In the two-square-meter bathroom (21-square-feet), she squeezed an "Italian shower" (wet bath). There wasn't enough space for a sink so she placed this outside the bathroom. To separate it from the kitchen she created a wooden netting that gives a sense of isolation, but allows light to pass through.

Custom kitchen Installation - time-lapse video
(Media / Custom kitchen Installation - time-lapse video)
Custom kitchen Installation - time-lapse video | link
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